Thermoview TV40 Thermal Imager


IR-Fusion® technology (thermal and visible sighting) for easy alignment and added detail on blended images

Pre-calibrated lens with remote motorized focus and multiple available field interchangeable lens options

Discreet I/O alarms to interface to PLC

IP67 (NEMA 4) rated with rugged housing allows for installation into harsh environments with air purge and other accessories available

ThermoView Software

ThermoView Software offers a wide variety of analysis and process monitoring tools in a single package for thermal profiling. Its features include continuous or intermittent inspection of temperature events, independent emissivity for each Area of Interest (AOI), user configurable setup up of temperature conditions to trigger events or alarms, which can interface to discrete I/O.

a. In addition, it provides following analysis:

b. Histograms & isotherms

c. Multiple file export capabilities

d. Area and point trend data collection and display

e. Trend data recording of AOI’s

f. Simultaneous view of off-line images while system continues to operate in automation mode

ThermoView Lite Software

ThermoView lite software package provides a user with a startup software package to get familiar with the features and benefits of using the ThermoView TV40 thermal imager. Benefits of this software version include:

a. Display thermal images from your ThermoView TV40 thermal imager

b. Load Off-line images/sequences

c. Copy images to clipboard