Dwyer ITA9605D Industrial Thermometer


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The Series IT Industrial Thermometer allows users to easily take accurate temperature measurements in any environment. The case of the IT series is made of die cast aluminum for extra durability in industrial environments. The glass lens is easily cleaned and resists scratches for better viewing of the scale. The stem can be adjusted 180° in order to achieve the best viewing angle. The blue organic fill is non-toxic and allows users to better see the temperature reading. The scales can be ordered with dual units, °F, or °C.

Spesifications :

Wetted Material : Tapered cast aluminum with graphite fill.

Housing Material : Aluminum.

Accuracy : 1%.

Lens : Glass.

Scales : Aluminum painted white with black markings.

Process Connection : 1-1/4-18 NEF thread.

Liquid Filling : Organic blue liquid filled tube.

Mounting: Adjustable Stem: Vertical Plane 180°; Horizontal Plane 360°.