Dwyer DPGA-05 Digital Pressure Gage with 1% Accuracy




DPGA-05 Digital pressure gage, range 0 to 15 psi, selectable engineering units: 15.00 psig, 1.055 kg/cm, 1.034 bar, 30.54″ Hg, 34.60 ft w.c., 103.4 kPa, 240.0 oz/in, 415.2″ w.c., 1034 mbar, 1055 cm w.c., 776 mm Hg, 0.01 psi resolution.

The SERIES DPGA is the only economic digital pressure gage with selectable engineering units on the market and The SERIES DPGW is the only economic digital pressure gage for liquids with the ability to select engineering units on the market.

Product Applications
1. Process applications
2. Process start-up
3. OEM applications


Service: DPGA: air and compatible gases; DPGW: liquids and compatible gases.
Wetted Materials: DPGA: 316L SS, silicone sensor; DPGW: 316L SS.
Housing Materials: ABS plastic.
Accuracy: 1.0% F.S. (Includes linearity, hysteresis, repeatability.)
Pressure Limits: 2X pressure range. Vacuum range max. pressure is 30 psig.
Temperature Limits: 30 to 120F (-1 to 49C).
Thermal Effect: 0.05% FS/F.
Size: 2.62″ OD x 1.52″ deep.
Process Connection: 1/4″ male NPT.
Display: 4-digit LCD (.425″ H x .234″ W digits).
Power Requirements: 9 V alkaline battery, included, user replaceable.
Auto Shut-Off: 20 minute auto shut-off.


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