Dwyer LFMC-07-A2 Polycarbonate Flowmeters


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LFMC-07-A2 Polycarbonate flowmeter, range 0.25-2.5 GPM (1-10 LPM) water, 1/2″ male NPT, 316 SS float.

The LFM Series Flowmeters are made of injection molded, heat and chemically resistant polycarbonate bodies and fittings. Series LFM flow meters have dual scales measuring in both GPM and LPM with 5% accuracy


Service: Water.
Wetted Materials: Body: Polycarbonate; Flange nut: ABS; Float stop: ABS; O-rings: Fluoroelastomer; Rod & float: 316 SS; Connections: Metric union and male NPT fittings-ABS; 90 male NPT elbow fittings-PVC
Pressure Limit: 87 psi (6 bar) at 68F (20C); 90 elbow fittings 116 psi (8 bar) at 68F (20C).
Accuracy: 5%.
Process Connection: LFMA: 1/2″ male NPT. Optional 20 mm metric union; LFMB: 1/2″ male NPT. Optional 20 mm metric union or 1/2″ male NPT with 90 elbow.
CAUTION: Series LFM Flowmeters are for indoor use only or areas without direct sunlight. Polycarbonate is adversely affected by ultraviolet light.


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