Dwyer MARK II 25 Molded Plastic Manometers




MARK II 25 Molded plastic manometer, range 0-3″ w.c., red oil, .826 sp. gr.

SERIES Mark II Molded Manometers are of the inclined and inclined-vertical types. The curved inclined-vertical tube of the Model 25 gage provides higher ranges with more easily read increments at low readings.


Accuracy: 3% FS.
Temperature Limits: Inclined/Vertical Models: 140F (60C); Inclined Models: 150F (65C).
Pressure Limits: Inclined/Vertical Models: 10 psi (70 kPa); Inclined Models: 15 psi (100 kPa).
Scale Length: Inclined Models: Approx. 8-1/4″ (21 cm).


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