Fluke 116 Digital HVAC Multimeter



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Product overview: Fluke 116 Digital HVAC Multimeter
The Fluke 116 DMM provides the features you need to quickly troubleshoot HVAC equipment

The Fluke 116 was specifically designed for HVAC professionals. It has everything you need to quickly troubleshoot problems with HVAC equipment and flame sensors, including a built-in thermometer to measure temperatures up to 400°C (752°F) and microamps to test flame sensors. The Fluke 116 also measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance. And the large white LED backlight makes it easy to see results even in poorly lit areas.

Fluke 116 multimeters are independently tested for safe use in CAT III 600 V environments.

Other useful features:

Measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance
Provides Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctuations
Comes with a holster with probe holders for easy storage
Features a compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation
Fits into optional ToolPak™ magnetic hanger for hands-free operation
CAT III 600 V safety rated


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