Fluke 2042 Cable Locator



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The Fluke 2042 is a professional general purpose cable locator. It is ideal for tracing cables in walls and underground, locating fuses/breakers on final circuits and locating interruptions and short-circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems. It can also be used for tracing metallic water and heating pipes. The unit is supplied as a complete kit comprising of a transmitter and receiver in a purpose-made carry case. The receiver also incorporates a torch function for working in dimly lit locations.

Technical Specifications
Voltage measurement range
Transmitter: 12 V, 50 V, 120 V, 230 V, 400 V
Frequency range : Transmitter: 0…60 Hz
Output signal : Transmitter: 125 kHz
Voltage :Transmitter: Up to 400 V AC/DC
Tracing depth cable location : Receiver: 0…2.5 m wall/underground cables
Main voltage detection : Receiver: 0…0.4 m

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
Transmitter: 0 to 40C
Receiver: 0 to 40C

Storage Temperature
Transmitter: -20C to +60C
Receiver: -20C to +60C

Humidity (Without Condensation)
Transmitter: Max. 80% relative
Receiver: Max. 80% relative
Operating Altitude
Transmitter: Up to 2000 m
Receiver: Up to 2000 m

Safety Specifications
Electrical Safety
EN 61010-1
Overvoltage category
Cat. III 300 V

Mechanical & General Specifications
Transmitter: 190 mm x 85 mm x 50 mm
Receiver: 250 mm x 65 mm x 45mm
Transmitter: 0.45 kg
Receiver: 0.36 kg
Transmitter: 6 pc Batteries 1.5V
Receiver: 1 pc Battery 9V

Cable Locator Included:
4 test leads
battery 9 V, IEC 6LR61
6 batteries 1.5 V, IEC LR^6
2 crocodile clamps
2 test probes
carrying case
user manual


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