Fluke VT04A Global Visual IR Thermometer



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Key features

Compact and intuitive visual IR thermometer that blends a visual image with infrared heat map overlay
Features NEAR and FAR mode that automatically aligns visual and thermal lenses to correctly locate issues
Includes a center measurement box showing the exact area of temperature measurement on the screen
Specifications: Fluke VT04A visual IR thermometer
Built-in visual camera Yes, get the context of visible light details in your images
Infrared heat map and visual image blending Yes, five blending modes on camera and continuous blending in SmartView® software
Alignment options NEAR: <23 cm (9 in) from target
FAR: >23 cm (9 in) from target
Field of view 28° x 28° — the tight field of view lets you see more detail in your target
Temperature measurement range -10 °C to +250 °C (14 °F to 482 °F)
Focus system Focus free
High/low temperature alarms Yes, high and low temperature alarms flash whenever the temperature threshold is exceeded, alerting you when a temperature is outside the expected range
Time-lapse image capture Yes, automatically capture images at set intervals to see how temperature patterns change over time
Auto-monitor alarm Yes, gain insight into intermittent problems by automatically capturing images when your selected temperature threshold is exceeded
Hot and cold markers Yes, instantly identify the hottest and coldest spots in your image
Software Professional SmartView® software enables you to optimize and analyze images, create quick reports and export images to multiple formats


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