Dwyer RHP-3W44 Wall Mount Humidity


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RHP 3W44 North American Wall Mount Humidity / Temperature Transmitter with 3% IV Combo 4-20 mA/0-10 Volts

The SERIES RHP-E/N Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitter is the most versatile room transmitter on the market. The stylish housing is well vented to provide air flow across the sensor to improve measurement accuracy. The humidity and the dew point are measured using a capacitive polymer sensor that completely recovers from 100% saturation. The humidity and dew point can have either a current or voltage output, while the optional temperature output can be a current, voltage, RTD or thermistor. For models with current or voltage for the temperature output, the temperature range is field selectable.

Product Applications
1. Air economizers
2. Room comfort monitoring
3. Greenhouse monitoring


Field selectable relative humidity or dew point output
Field replaceable relative humidity and temperature sensor elements
Universal analog outputs
Integral or service tool LCD display options
Two housing designs to match North American and European aesthetics


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