Honeywell SCTHWA43SDG4616 Humidity and Temperature Transducer


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Enhanced accuracy:

4 %RH (10 %RH to 90 %RH at 25 C),
5 %RH (10 %RH to 90 %RH at 5 C to 50 C)

Enables the customer to potentially reduce/eliminate
transmitter recalibration cost and supports and optimizes
system accuracy and uptime

Long-term stability:

Humidity: 0.05 %RH typ. and 1.2 %RH max. drift over
five years

True temperature-compensated humidity element
enables customers to potentially reduce/eliminate the
transmitter recalibration cost with enhanced stability over
next best alternatives

Enhanced reliability: The humidity sensor element”’s multilayer
construction provides resistance to most application
hazards such as dust, dirt, condensation, oils and common
environmental chemicals, enhancing reliability

Standard humidity output: 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 V to 10 V
” Cost-effective

Choice of cover trim color (silver or gold)

Full 0 %RH to 100 %RH measurement range

Available with or without LCD display


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